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discount TCT Hole Saws Product Description Boya TCT Cutters offer an Advanced Tooth Geometry that Cuts, Cleans, and Clears while drilling, leading to Faster Holes and Longer Life. The cutters displace less material for the same size hole as the competition, giving you fast, burr-free holes in hard metal materials including Stainless Steel and Cast Iron. Our Tri-blade teeth with micro-grain carbide tips, providing a smooth and vibration free cut and Able to resist higher temperatures , TCT cutters glide through the toughest of materials. Salient Features & Advantages 1. 3-ply cutter reduces tip crack even with hard use, and the edge of knife adopts super quality alloy material, which is applied to drilling in cold/ hard metal stainless steel plate 2. The 25mm effective length enables this hole-saw to drill thick steel plate as well as curved face material like thick-wall metal pipes etc. 3. The abrasion reducing design heightens durability of hole-saw to great defree, besides, with lighter and faster drilling compared with previous T cat-edge


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