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Metal Needle Detector Scope of application: Finished product box inspection, scissors, art knives, keys and other iron products left in the finished product box. And glue spraying Detection of cotton and cloth. Performance characteristics: 1. Excellent detection effect: it adopts imported sensing detection system configuration and automatic detection and positioning technology 2. Strong anti-interference performance: electromagnetic anti-interference system is installed to suppress external interference sources 3. High detection efficiency: Pu conveyor belt provided by sb Co., Ltd. of Japan is used for continuous conveying 4. Automatic alarm system: after detecting the iron products contained in the articles, the automatic sound and flashing light alarm will be sent outBelt feeding stop 5. Stable operation of the machine: strengthen the model design concept to make the machine work more stable Product features: 1. It is equipped with imported anti-interference device with high sensitivity. The detection height is 10-15cm and the detection diameter is 0.8- 1.2mm iron ball, no missed inspection in nine point test. And has super anti-interference; 2. Stable structure and simple operation; 3. There are many inspection window height specifications, which can be selected by customers according to their needs, and can also be inspected according to customers Customization of object size; 4. High conveying speed, suitable for assembly line operation; 5. It can be equipped with assembly line or automatic control device. 6. With the function of environmental protection, the machine shuts down automatically without any object in ten minutes. 7. It has the function of automatic reverse when defective products are detected. Technical indicators: Detection height: 150mm 200mm 250mm-300mm Detection sensitivity: 锟?1.0mm-2.5mm according to the actual situation Test width: self determined by specification Power supply: 220V Volume: 1800mm 脳 750mm脳 1100mm Weight: 300kgMetal Needle Detector website:


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